West Overton Village – Newsletter

Project Scope:
As part of the effort to reach the goal of making West Overton Village a high-profile Western Pennsylvania tourist destination, they wanted to transform their bi-annual newsletter into a higher-end piece. Once the new look was established, it would be used to show prospective advertisers the new direction for the newsletter design in hopes of selling ad space. A more polished look was also desired in order to signal to the membership base that the Museum, while committed to preserving the past, has its eye on a successful future as a landmark destination.

Project Solution:
Because this 24-page publication needed to feel like something more than just a newsletter, this project was approached as if it were a magazine design. Content was broken into traditional “Department” and “Feature” categories, and for each category a distinct layout was developed. Areas that could easily be envisioned as ad spaces were also included. Late-1800s style design elements work together with natural textures that convey the personality of this historic Pennsylvania property.

Other projects for West Overton Village include: postcard design, rack card design