West Overton Village – Event Postcards

Project Scope: The postcards for West Overton Village were designed in early 2017, and were used to promote special targeted educational events. While they have used postcard advertising in the past to promote events, these two pieces were first on the list for our newly-formed working relationship. The new design direction was meant to send a subtle message that this historic property was about to step up its efforts in becoming known as a premiere tourist destination in Western Pennsylvania.

Project Solution: These events, although both educational, were centered around very different topics that play a significant role for West Overton. Both postcards were designed using layered textures of natural elements you may find around the property to set the tone for the feeling of the events. One was purposely designed to be more masculine than the other, just to represent the different speakers who would be appearing. Their photos were also included to help potential attendees put faces to the names.

Other projects for West Overton Village include: publication design, rack card design

Skills combined to produce this piece:

Direct Mail Design, Photo Retouching, Postcard Design, Special Events Graphic Design, Tourism Graphic Design