Three Rivers Regatta – 2013 Schedule Display

Project Scope: The Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta is a classic regional event, drawing thousands of visitors to Point State Park for several days’ worth of exciting entertainment. To ensure that no one missed a minute of the action, the event producers wanted to have poster-style directories listing the time and location of each event, in addition to the online schedule and the paper schedule cards that would get handed out.

Project Solution: I worked on the Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta from 2008-2014, and during each of the last 5 years we produced large-format displays which were posted in key areas around the event grounds. Each year, the display would list the event schedule and featured a custom map of the area to show where events were taking place. They needed to be eye-catching and carry the excitement of the event, but still be informative and easy to read so that patrons could reference them as a directory to find their way. Adding to the challenge of designing such a large piece are the inevitable last-minute schedule changes that seem to always come with a large event, but keeping a simple yet effective presentation of information allowed changes to be made with ease.

Other projects for Regatta included:  pole banner design, floor & sidewalk decal design, signage design, schedule card design, ad design, website design & construction, staff lanyard design, event admission ticket design

Skills combined to produce this piece:

Exterior Signage Design, Large Format Display Design, Map Design, Special Events Graphic Design