The Winner – Rack Card

Project Scope: While The Winner may be a retail store, their approach is to market the boutique as a destination, offering a unique shopping experience to their customers. Their rack card is just one of the marketing pieces that they utilize to draw in customers not just locally, but from around the region. Styles change quickly though, so this rack card needs to stay fashion forward.

Project Solution: Rather than taking the route of “the higher the quantity, the higher the price break”, The Winner prints small batches of their rack card so that we can change photos more frequently, keeping the photos of the merchandise fresh. This piece features a mix of designer-supplied fashion photos with original images that I shoot on my frequent property photography trips to the store, in order to paint a full picture of the wide selection available.

Other projects for The Winner include: logo design, ad design, campaign development, banner ad design, flier design, poster design, signage design, billboard design, photography, photo retouching, website design & construction

Skills combined to produce this piece:

Photo Retouching, Photography, Rack Card Design, Retail Graphic Design