Priory Hospitality Group – Brochure Series

Project Scope:
The Priory Hospitality Group had two existing tri-fold brochures that they were using to promote their property – a general brochure that promoted The Priory as a boutique hotel, and one that promoted The Priory and The Grand Hall to the business audience. These brochures needed to be updated, and a brochure promoting weddings at The Grand Hall had to be created. When PHG purchased the Mansions on Fifth in 2016, a 4th brochure needed to be created.

Project Solution: The original files for the existing brochures could not be located, so the pieces needed to be recreated, which presented the opportunity to update some photos and design elements along the way. The general look and feel needed to stay intact however, since the client liked them. The other two new brochures were designed using the same style to ensure that the pieces worked well together.

Other projects for The Priory include:  ad design, logo design, vehicle wrap design

Skills combined to produce this piece:

Bed & Breakfast Graphic Design, Brochure Design, Hospitality Graphic Design, Tri-fold Brochure Design