Sharon, PA – Wedding Ad

Project Scope:
This ad, which ran in Pittsburgh Magazine Weddings, was put together for Buhl Mansion and Tara – A Country Inn, so when closely examined, it promotes those two properties. The main goal however, was to promote the Sharon, PA area as a whole and as a wedding destination.

Project Solution:
An impactful image was chosen to dominate the top portion of this full-page ad, with the City’s official logo and a mood-setting headline. The smaller photos and text highlight two of Sharon’s most popular destination wedding venues. All elements work together to create the vision of the possibilities of a fabulous wedding, in a convenient location not far from Pittsburgh.

Other projects for Sharon, PA include: logo design, banner & signage series design, website design & construction

Skills combined to produce this piece:

Ad Design, Bed & Breakfast Graphic Design, Hospitality Graphic Design, Logo Design, Photo Retouching