Pittsburgh Business Show – 2017 Trade Show Booth

Project Scope: Naturally, the Pittsburgh Business Show had a general information booth set up as people entered into the Convention Center. But the show organizers wanted the Show to have a presence at the Show as well, in order to get businesses excited for the second installment. This display can also be used in promoting the show up until it takes place in April, 2018.

Project Solution: A simple, yet eye-catching pop-up display was selected and graphics were designed to promote a special offer for those reserving their booth in advance for the 2018 show. To emphasize the limited competition within industries represented, two large boards listing all of the markets were created. When a business signs up, one of the boxes which accompanies their industry can be checked off.

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Skills combined to produce this piece:

Large Format Display Design, Special Events Graphic Design, Trade Show Booth Design