Pittsburgh Business Show – 2017 Event Program

Project Scope:
For the inaugural edition of the Annual Pittsburgh Business Show, a program was needed to give attendees a guide to the exhibitors and presentations, as well as an in-depth look at this new Pittsburgh business event. Because the main part of this publication relied on the show’s schedule to be complete, the 16-page guide was not able to be designed until right before the show took place.

Project Solution: A very basic design style was set up using elements from other marketing materials used to promote the show, blocking out areas intended for various types of content. As articles, information, and ads became available, they were added to the program, slowly building the design style as the piece evolved. As with any major event, schedule changes occurred right down to the wire, so working closely with the event President and our Public Relations Director was key to getting the most accurate information confirmed, the event program design completed, and on press within a very tight timeframe.

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