Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes Region – Group Tour Handout

Project Scope: Visit PA markets the state by breaking it up into 11 different regions, and counties within each can use the regional name for cooperative marketing efforts. Two of the four counties that make up Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes Region wanted to work together to provide a marketing piece which tour planners could keep handy when putting together trips in the Northwestern PA area.

Project Solution: A two-sided handout was designed, giving one side to Visit Mercer County PA, and the other to Visit Erie so that they would each have ample room to promote current events and the hottest attractions. Each side included a footer containing more information about Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes Region as a whole. The handout was developed with margins allowing for a 3-hole punch and insertion into a planner’s binder.

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Skills combined to produce this piece:

Binder Insert Design, Photo Retouching, Tourism Graphic Design