The Small Marketing Piece That Makes A Big Impact

You see them all the time. Maybe it’s in the entranceway of your favorite restaurant or the lobby of the hotel you stayed in last week or at a rest stop along the turnpike.

Rack cards!

You know what I mean, the shelves of colorful marketing material showcasing some of the attractions in the area. Everything from places to eat, places for kids, places to stay or places to play.

Maybe you’ve picked one up and thought, “This looks interesting,” and tucked it away to look at later. Unlike a website, a rack card is a real, tangible piece of marketing for a business. It’s a screenshot, if you will, of the most important things about an attraction and it’s often small, very colorful, photo heavy and gets straight to the point.

I’ve been designing and updating the rack cards for Buhl Mansion and Tara – A Country Inn for many years. Two stunning properties that are constantly changing and evolving and need material to reflect those changes.

A Collection of Past & Present Rack Cards for Buhl Mansion & Tara - A Country Inn.
A Collection of Past & Present Rack Cards for Buhl Mansion & Tara – A Country Inn.

These rack cards are updated *almost* every year and include changes like new overnight packages, upcoming special events, community involvement, awards won, plus photos of updates to the interior and exterior. In fact, the last few versions have included photos that I took while visiting the property, with the rack card in mind. I was able to design in a much more streamlined fashion, since I was also the photographer.

These inns are defined by words like luxurious and elegant and the rack cards relay that branding through design techniques. Trending color palettes, unique fonts and fresh high-quality photos change the rack card enough to bring it new life, while still staying on brand and showcasing the needed information.

Change is good and due to the size and low cost of printing rack cards versus printing an entire brochure or self mailer, it’s easy to update yearly or even more frequently, if needed.

New potential guests walk by those shelves of rack cards every single day. Every different design can catch the attention of a new guest. Every creative photo can entice a new fan.

Rack cards can be designed for many types of businesses, such as restaurants, recreational venues, hotels or other lodging places, rental companies, campgrounds, you name it! If your business wants a place on the shelf, let’s have a conversation. 

If you email me and we finish a project by the end of September, I’ll even take off 10%! Just mention this blog post. A sweet summer deal, don’t miss out!