Making Business Happen with the 2nd Annual Pittsburgh Business Show

  • A show floor packed with awesome exhibitors from a variety of industries including just about everything a business needs to succeed.
  • Informative and motivating presentations on topics like leadership and finances from prominent figures in the Pittsburgh business scene.
  • Networking opportunities around every corner, including two speed networking events.
  • The 1st annual Pittsburgh Business Choice Awards celebrating businesses with outstanding achievements in their industries.
  • A Shark Tank inspired event called Pittsburgh Business Pitch that gave newer businesses a platform to get their start-up concept noticed.

All these exciting features and more were a part of the second year of the Annual Pittsburgh Business Show held April 25th and 26th at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. And I was honored to once again serve as the show’s designer.

The goal of the show’s President,  Linda Jo Thornberg, is to make lasting connections among all of the businesses and keep them engaged for the entire year that elapses between shows. Part of that strategy for the sophomore year was introducing a Pittsburgh Business Spotlight Magazine.

Feature Article Spread and Cover for Issue 1 of the Pittsburgh Business Spotlight Magazine
Feature Article Spread and Cover for Issue 1 of the Pittsburgh Business Spotlight Magazine

And you guessed it, along with my regular designer duties for the show (ads, postcards, fliers, signs, programs, etc.) I was given the opportunity to oversee the creative direction of the magazine!

Last year, we had an idea to turn the trade show program into a magazine to extend the shelf life beyond just a two-day event. In addition to all of the normal components you’d find,  like schedules and floor maps, this magazine also gives an in-depth look at the show itself and the charities it supports, while putting a spotlight on businesses in the region. It can be used as a reference guide to everyone involved with the show, adding to the value gained as a participant.

Challenges? Of course! How do you create something that covers the needs of the 2-day event AND lives on? Readers needed to feel engaged and not just look at the publication as a program, while at the same time, informed about the actual event.

Through team strategizing, we decided to accomplish this by combining all of our individual Business Spotlights into one feature article that would serve as the centerpiece of the magazine.

All of the show information would be grouped together in the front of the book for easy reference, and several other short articles would round out the space. It came together really nicely and you can take a look at the final piece right here.

Even more exciting is that to continue the support of Pittsburgh businesses, and in anticipation of the 2019 show, a second issue of the magazine is slated for the Fall.

It’s always a wonderful experience when I get to work on projects in conjunction with fellow Pittsburgh businesses that promote and highlight this fantastic City we get to call home!

If you have a summer design project you want to talk about, let’s get on the phone or simply send me an email. I look forward to working with you!