The Power of Relationships and the One That Might Surprise You

Time flies is no joke. Heck, I’m a week late in posting this article!

But anyway, I met one of my friends and colleagues earlier this month for lunch and when we started talking, we realized it had been almost two years since our last lunch.

TWO years? What?? How was that even possible?

We’d talked through email, phone and done some projects together over those two years, but we hadn’t actually sat down to catch up.

As I started talking and updating my friend on everything I had going on, I felt a surge of pride. I was kind of astounding myself at all the changes and successes I’d had over the past two years.

When you are just working day-to-day, you don’t always realize how much you are growing or how many goals you are reaching.

And not only was I feeling happy about my own accomplishments, I was genuinely excited to hear all the changes that my friend had made in her business, too.

Which takes me to the main point of this blog: the power of relationships, when you are an entrepreneur.

You need relationships like the one above. You need those fellow entrepreneurs, those people who get it, those people who want to hear your news and is excited to share theirs. Those people who have watched your growth and understand the obstacles and the perks that come along with this lifestyle. Your sounding board, your friends, your colleagues. One of my goals for this year is to spend more time with these important people, and I’ve already had some inspiring meetings during this first month of 2018.

You need relationships with someone who makes you think bigger. For me, these are my business coaches. Coaches are there to mentor, to guide, to pull things out of you that you didn’t know were in there. My coaches have helped me in so many areas of my business and personal life, and they hold me accountable, which makes all the difference. Working with them on goals and mindset is setting me up for what promises to be a very successful year.

At the 2017 Pittsburgh Business Show with Business Coach, Rob Costanza
At the 2017 Pittsburgh Business Show with Business Coach, Rob Costanza of The Growth Coach Three Rivers. Photo courtesy of Brian Schill, Peters Township Chamber of Commerce

You need a relationship with those who really know you. My husband and my kids are beyond supportive. Even though they don’t understand my brain all the time, they are there for the love and fun that I need in my life. They are there to help me forget about the work and focus on the things that really matter. They remind me that I’m doing a great job, even when I’m not, and they are my biggest cheerleaders. It’s been a busy month, but there’s always time to watch a football game together or challenge my kids to a few rounds of Mastermind.

Finally, and you might find this surprising, you need a relationship with yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself, no one else will. I stood up for me these past two years and decided I could do it. I think a relationship with yourself is vital. You must believe you can make it happen. You have to be there for YOU.

It’s easy to remain hidden, as entrepreneurs. To work in our home offices and not venture out. But that will only stifle our growth, and you don’t get to have lunch with awesome people as frequently as you should. Get out there. Meet people. Have experiences. Celebrate your milestones. And enjoy this awesome ride. I know I am!