I want to tell you a secret…

You know your advertising CAN look exactly how YOU want it to look, right?

If I had a dollar for every time I heard,

“I have an idea, BUT…”
“I’d like to try this, BUT…”

Unique ideas are sometimes feared, because they aren’t “standard,” maybe a little too out of the box. And sometimes it can be scary to try new things.

But believe me, the only way to own a competitive edge in this world is to stand out.

The definition of standard from Merriam-Webster is “something established by authority, custom, or general consent as a model or example.”

Talk about boring.

No one gets excited to see a standard piece in the mailbox. No one picks a standard piece out of the rack at the rest stop. They pick the one that STANDS OUT!

West Overton Village is one of my clients that is currently embracing this concept.

They produce a bi-annual newsletter and this year they wanted to do something a little different, a little unexpected… a magazine style piece! I was happy to work with their team on their innovative idea.

Not only would a magazine format possibly appeal to advertisers, it was a way to say, “Hey, we might be all about celebrating the past here at West Overton, but we are doing grand things for the future. Look at this new piece!”

West Overton Village Summer Newsletter 2017
West Overton Village’s new magazine style newsletter for Summer, 2017.

Content was broken down into traditional categories, and we constructed distinct layouts for each section that could accommodate future space for advertisers. We selected late-1800s style design elements and intertwined them with photos of current events and images of days gone by. Natural textures and finishes anchor the design over the publication’s 24 pages, and everything works in harmony to convey the lively personality of this historic Pennsylvania property.

Yes, personality can shine through on paper. Absolute fact.

You can check out the finished piece right here, which is anything but your standard newsletter.

And for more information on West Overton Village, visit their website. If you become a member you just might find one of these newsletters in YOUR mailbox.

I encourage all my clients to think outside the box, and I’ll climb right out of that box along with you so we can tie it all together and make something as amazing as your destination is.

From using peculiar paper, to stimulating shapes, to funky fonts, to cheerful colors or awesome alliteration (see what I did there), design your next piece to STAND OUT.

If you have an idea you’re ready to bring to life, let’s chat.