It took eight years, but now, it’s spectacular…

There I was, driving down the road to do a photo shoot with my client, The Winner, and I happened to drive right past the billboard I designed for them in 2009.

It was covered by foliage, had way too many words on it, was faded from the sun and didn’t align with the current marketing message of The Winner. I don’t normally take that route, so the board wasn’t on my radar until it was right in front of me.

Cue dream music, flashback to 2012.

The Winner underwent a rebranding effort, adding the “GownTown” identity to establish their specialization in special occasion and bridal gowns and we talked about replacing the board, even working up a new design, color palette and messaging.

The fantastic part? The Winner owns that particular billboard, meaning no need to wait for a contract to be up to change the design. The not so fantastic part? They have to do the printing and install themselves and they couldn’t find anyone to do the job at a fair price.

So, the old board remained.

Cue dream music, flash-forward to 2015.

The billboard redesign was again on the table, but the same challenges with printing and install came up and it went from on the table to flat out tabled.

Cue dream music to present day.

I go to my independent retail destination and speak to Amanda Cowan, the Store Manager, about the state of the billboard.

Third time was a charm and we knew it was finally time to redesign that board. Luckily, since my awkward networker days are behind me, I now had someone I knew could handle the printing.

While at the Pittsburgh Business Show last April, I met Kimberly Duva of SpeedPro Imaging North, in Cranberry Township. They specialize in large format printing and I knew they’d be a great fit for the project. I got in touch with Kimberly and it turned out they would not only take care of the printing and the install, but they were willing to clear away the overgrown foliage, all for a fair price.

A win-win! We got to work.

The new board is focused on eye-catching images, a bright pink and black color palette and only key words. The average person has only 3-7 seconds to digest a billboard, so you must make an impact fast.

To ensure a long life for the billboard, SpeedPro printed the piece on a thick vinyl and then coated it with a liquid laminate, to help protect it from the sun and weather.

The Winner Billboard
The Winner’s Billboard, in production at SpeedPro.

While I’ve designed many billboards before, this was the first time I was actually able to see it in production. The day they were working on it, I paid SpeedPro a visit.

It was neat to see such a large piece up close, since billboards you really only see from far away, and to find out more about the process that takes it from my computer to the Shenango Valley Freeway.

I’ve also learned that building a network, always helping your clients look their best, and sometimes taking another route all lead to great things. Can’t wait to drive past that new billboard on my next trip to Sharon, PA.

Cue that dream music one more time…

If YOU are ready to work on a new billboard design, menu, rack card, brochure, etc. – let’s chat.

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