I’m kind of like Sam’s Club…

Whether it’s Sam’s or Costco or somewhere else, you’ve probably shopped in one of those giant, bulk stores. You can go in for a TV, a tin of cookies and new tires. It’s literally a ONE STOP shop.

Think of me as your Sam’s Club for print design. Sure, you can come to me for just design, but my digital aisles are filled with LOTS of other things you might want to toss in your cart along the way. Let’s shop:

I’ve been a hobby photo enthusiast since I was eight and have taken classes in photography to enhance my skills along the way. In the last five years, I began offering photography services to my clients. Since I am also the designer, the way I approach the photography is different. I can visualize the piece and the needed angles, composition and sizes. Think of it as a chef preparing a meal. If they select the ingredients AND cook the meal, it’s more cohesive. I’m your design chef. I’ve shot a variety of businesses for use in design projects including retail stores and specialty shops, bed and breakfasts, spas, offices, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities, among others.

Paper Selection
Paper options are overwhelming. Most clients don’t realize the vast amount of options out there and I’m happy to help. I attended a local paper show (yes, there is such a thing as a paper show) in May and I have a paper swatch library in my office so we can look at samples together. You would go through swatches when choosing paint or carpet for a home project, so why not paper? Go beyond the basics! You can get pretty much any color you want in matte, glossy, shiny, textured, you name it. There are specialty papers that can be used as decals in windows or on floors. There’s paper designed to replace plastic items such as gift cards and loyalty cards, and yes, there’s even chalkboard paper. Seriously, the possibilities are endless.

Graphic Design Paper Samples
Just a small portion of the samples I collected from a recent paper show. Did you know there were so many choices?

Print Bids
I have a lot of printers in my network and I’m here to get quotes for you so you can focus on the creative parts of your project. Whether it’s a basic job, complex, a small or big run, direct mail, large format, vehicle decals and wraps, signage or specialty items, I totally have a guy or gal that can help. My network is wide, so if you want to keep it local, I can most likely connect you with someone right in your area.

Project Management
Think of me as an extension of your staff. I can work with you on your entire marketing plan and help you plan out the pieces you might need for the year or for a special campaign. For instance, are you headed to a trade show? You’ll definitely need marketing materials…brochures and business cards at the least, maybe a table cover, or a full booth display. I’m here to help design all of those pieces, and I have connections to the printers who will do the output. I’ll help keep you on deadline, too. If you have deadline-driven projects, such as magazine ads, simply give me the due dates and I’ll remind you when it’s time to start working. My goal is to take stress off your plate.

Personal Connections
Tap my virtual network for other services that I can’t do myself! Are you just starting up? You may need help from a lawyer or banker, or a payroll specialist. I have a whole group of professionals who specialize in working with startups. Want to make some changes to your existing business? I’ll introduce you to my business coach, he’s pretty awesome at helping you make mindset changes to help you reach your goals. Not sure how to reach your audience? My mar-com specialist can develop a marketing plan for you. Need professional copy written? I’ve got writers for that. Want to run ads in local publications? I’ve got contacts to place you in the right print pubs. Want to step up your web presence? My digital marketing partners can do everything from building you a new website or app, to SEO, to increasing your online reviews, to digital PR and pretty much anything else you can think of to increase your online footprint.

So, next time you feel a slight overwhelm when it’s time for a project,  think of Stewart Creative – the one-stop, design shop!

Ready to start working on something now?

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