Print & Partnerships: My transition to the new Stewart Creative

I feel like I’m standing behind a big, red ribbon right now with a giant pair of scissors ready to slice through and invite you into my new/old world…one that takes me back to my design roots.

For the last 20 years, my time has been pretty equally divided between print design and web design. And while the world of web has been tantalizing, just as I’m sure a chef has a favorite meal to prepare, I found that my passion for print design was stronger.

It’s what I studied when I went to design school (there was no web design then, ahem…) and it’s what I’ve always been interested in. There is something about the process and being able to physically see and hold a completed piece that made me realize that print is my true love.

Online presence done right these days has become a job for more than one person, since there are so many facets of digital marketing that go far beyond a nicely designed website. I began to feel it would be more beneficial to my clients if online needs were handled by a group of specialized experts, who could consult not only on websites but also other important factors, like social media and reputation management, for example.

I made a decision. I wanted to restructure my business, align it more with my passions to focus on the printed piece, and turn over my clients’ online projects to those who specialized in that market.   

As most of my field was moving towards strictly digital projects, I was going against the norm and embracing the old school. Print is experiencing a resurgence right now, as people are using it to stand out in a world full of digital overload and I am thrilled to be part of that movement.

But the transition has not been without its challenges. Leveraging key partnerships has been instrumental in making this happen.

I began collaborating with one of the area’s top digital marketing agencies, Higher Images, to make sure that clients’ online needs were met. I hired a business coach, Rob Costanza of The Growth Coach 3 Rivers, who has been so helpful in bringing my goals into focus and developing and implementing plans of action to make things happen.

Since content is still king, I connected with my good friend, project partner and copywriter, Tara Darazio, Owner of A Passion For The Pen, to work together on a content plan for blogs, newsletters, updates to my bio and project profiles. When it came time to pull it all together and build a brand new website, I thought, whom better to create this new site than my web partner, Higher Images?

Throughout all of this rebranding, I’ve really enjoyed being on the client side of things and seeing my business from a different standpoint. It’s challenging to look at what you do objectively because you are so close to it, and the process opened my eyes more than I ever thought possible. 

At the same time I have been working with all these partners and friends, I have also been sharpening my photography skills, a love of mine since I was a young child, and through my network, gained opportunities to photograph businesses, such as B&Bs, retail stores, office buildings, and manufacturing facilities, as well as residential properties on the real estate market. It’s a perfect match for my print design work. I am now able to take the photographs needed for a marketing piece and use them to produce the design.

Everything fell into place and the NEW Stewart Creative was born. The partnerships were already there. I just needed to think more strategically and utilize my connections in ways I hadn’t before in order to bring my vision to life.

I’m a print designer and property photographer.

I can say that with pride, satisfaction and true excitement.

I am doing exactly what I want to be doing. I hope you are, too.

I’m happy to share my new website, blog, and upcoming monthly newsletter. It’s going to look a little different around here and I’m so glad you will be joining me.

And if you are looking for some help with your business’s branding, let’s connect and form a partnership that will help you achieve your goals!